Reflection, AOP and Meta-Data for Software Evolution (RAM-SE'12)

Date: 13 June.
Room: Conference 3.


  • Walter Cazzola, University of Milano, I
  • Shigeru Chiba, Tokyo Institute of Technology, J
  • Manuel Oriol, ABB Corporate Research, CH; University of York, UK
  • Gunter Saake, University of Magdeburg, D


Contact: Walter Cazzola

Software evolution and adaptation is a research area in continuous evolution, and offering stimulating challenges for both academic and industrial researchers. The evolution of software systems, to face unexpected situations or just for improving their features, relies on software engineering techniques and methodologies. Nowadays a similar approach is not applicable in all situations e.g., for evolving nonstopping systems or systems whose code is not available.

Features of reflection such as transparency, separation of concerns, and extensibility seem to be perfect tools to aid the dynamic evolution of running systems. Aspect-oriented programming can simplify code instrumentation whereas techniques that rely on meta-data can be used to inspect the system and to extract the necessary data for designing the heuristic that the reflective and aspect-oriented mechanism use for managing the evolution.

We feel the necessity to investigate the benefits brought by the use of these techniques on the evolution of object-oriented software systems. In particular we would determine how these techniques can be integrated together with more traditional approaches to evolve a system and the benefits we get from their use.

This workshop can be a good meeting point for people working in the software evolution area, and an occasion to present reflective, aspect-oriented and data mining based solutions to evolutionary problems, and new ideas straddling these area

Important Dates 重要日期

Submission deadline:
15 April, 2012
15 May, 2012
Camera Ready:
1 June, 2012
13 June, 2012

RAM-SE Program

Wednesday, 13 June
8:45–10:05 PLDI Keynote: Amer DiwanShould you trust you experimental results?
10:05–10:45 Break
10:45–12:00 Invited Keynote: Mehmet Aksit (TRESE) - Modularity and Evolvability: Marriage of the Two without Unwanted Children
12:00–13:30 Lunch
13:30–14:45 Main Track

A Data-Parallel Extension to Ruby for GPGPU
Hidehiko Masuhara, Yusuke Nishiguchi
University of Tokyo

Supporting Methods and Events by an Integrated Abstraction
Yung Yu Zhuang, Shigeru Chiba
University of Tokyo

LogicObjects: A Linguistic Symbiosis Approach to Bring the Declarative Power of Prolog to Java
Sergio Castro1, Kim Mens1, Paulo Moura2
1UniversitŽ Catholique de Louvain, 2Universidade da Beira Interior

14:45–15:15 Break
15:15–16:30 Working Groups