Call for Student Volunteers

Deadline: 15 April 2012

ECOOP and PLDI are pleased to offer a number of opportunities for student volunteers, who are vital to the efficient operation and continued success of the conference each year. The student volunteer program is a chance for students from around the world to participate in the conferences whilst assisting us in preparing and running the event.

Job assignments include assisting with technical sessions, workshops, tutorials and panels, checking badges at doors, operating the information desk, helping with traffic flow, and general assistance to keep the conferences running smoothly.

In return, volunteers are granted free registration to the conferences and (duties, space, and specific requirements permitting) free access to plenary sessions, tutorials, workshops, and demos. While covering the cost of accommodation and travel expenses is not in our budget, we will do our best to help volunteers find affordable accommodation.

Volunteers should plan to arrive in Beijing at least two days before the start of the conference, that is Saturday 9 June, to help with preparations.

Applications should be submitted (preferably) via online application or (less preferably) via email to the student volunteer chairs.

If you choose email rather than the form, please make sure to provide the following information:

  • Your name and e-mail address
  • Your university and department where are you are registered as a student
  • The title, name, and e-mail address of your supervisor/advisor. We may contact them to confirm your suitability.
  • (Optional) Evidence of proficiency in English. ECOOP and PLDI are international conferences where the working language is English. Student volunteers will be expected to interact with attendees and organisers in English. Please provide a short paragraph assessing your proficiency in conversational English.
  • Resumé: a short paragraph motivating your application, including any past experience as a student volunteer

The application deadline is 15 April 2012.

Please note that there are other ways to participate as a student at ECOOP/PLDI.

If you have any further questions about volunteering, please feel free to contact the student volunteer chairs.

We look forward to receiving your application.
Student Volunteer co-Chairs
Xiaoying Bai,
Max Schaefer,