Dynamic Languages and Applications (DYLA'12)

Date: 12 June.
Room: Conference 3.


Website: http://scg.unibe.ch/wiki/events/dyla2012

The DYLA Workshop series focuses on the revival of dynamic languages. These days, dynamic languages (like Lisp, Ruby, Python, JavaScript, Lua, etc...) are getting ever more popular. This is a call to arms for academia! We need to explore the future of dynamic languages through its human aspects and technical issues. We also ought to look back and pick up solutions from existing dynamic languages (such as Scheme, Smalltalk, or Self) to be rediscovered and spread around.
The goal of this workshop is to act as a forum where we can discuss new advances in the design, implementation and application of dynamically typed languages that, sometimes radically, diverge from the statically typed class-based mainstream with limited reflective capabilities. Another objective of the workshop is to discuss new as well as older “forgotten” languages and features in this context.

Important Dates 重要日期

Submission deadline:
17 April, 2012
27 April, 2012
Final Version:
12 June, 2012

DYLA Program

Tuesday, 12 June
9:00–10:30 Demo presentation
10:30–11:00 Session 1

Dynamic Incremental Extension of a Domain Specific Language Interpreter
Antoine Spicher1, Jean-Louis Giavitto2, Julien Cohen3, Olivier Michel1
1University of Paris-Est Créteil, 2IRCAM, 3Université d'Evry/Genopole

Suicide Objects
Jorge Ressia, Fabrizio Perin, Lukas Renggli
University of Bern

Debugging Performance Failures
Juan Pablo Sandoval Alcocer, Alexandre Bergel
University of Chile

11:00–13:00 Flash demo
14:30–15:30 Pair programming session
16:00–17:30 Pair programming session