JavaScript Tools

Date: 13 June.
Room:  Meetinng 2.



JavaScript has become a central concern for both performance and quality of Web applications, due to its vital role in the Web platform; this vital role means that a JavaScript program is now commonly tightly bound with the Web page that contains it and with rich browser APIs. And so, while, due to its importance, JavaScript is now a focus of many strands of research work—static and dynamic program analysis, refactoring, and security to name a few—it’s vital role means there are several significant challenges to overcome before the programs themselves can be tackled: How to delineate the program in a dynamic setting like a web page, how to handle non-determinism of concurrency and asynchronous events, what to do about the extraordinarily dynamic features like ‘eval’ or ‘new’, and finally how to incorporate variants of the language and libraries that implement a rather different programming paradigm. JSTools will bring together participants in this area to share research ideas, with a focus on presentations of sharable or potentially-sharable infrastructure created by the participants.